Leagues Explained

League Bowling……Am I Good Enough?……….YES YOU ARE!

League’s are not just for the “best” bowlers, league bowling is for “everybody” all ages, all abilities, its fun, competitive and social all at the same time. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

The majority of our leagues are handicapped ensuring every bowler, regardless of ability has an “equal” chance.

Every league bowler begins by bowling a “Series” ( 3 games), the 3 games are then used to provide you with your handicap.

How does it work:


First time you play you will bowl 3 games (a series), changing lanes taking it in turns, we would then add your 3 games together to get your total, divide this by 3 and there we have your average.

For example: Game 1120, Game 2140, Game 3136 = 396 divided by 3 = 132

132 This would be your average – simple!

You need your average to get your handicap.


Handicap’s are calculated by computer (so don’t panic!)  based on the league’s handicap set-up

For example: A league set up of 75% of 200, would mean your average of 132 would be taken away from the 200 leaving 68, you would then get 75% of the 68 = 51, and there you have your handicap. This would be added to the score you bowl each game (i.e) you bowl 132 + your 51 handicap giving you a game total of 183, so even the “best” bowlers have to work hard!!

We’ve explained the systems in place for you, however there really is no need to test your mathematics or worry that its too complicated as we would work all this out for you, all you need to do, is come and bowl!

Most leagues are always welcoming new bowlers, if you are interested in joining a league or want to know more,  don’t hesitate to contact us we’d be happy to help.